Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holy WAH X-mas is here...

Mele Kilikimaka EVERYONE! Christmas and or the Yule is just days away and it couldn't feel less like it...other than recieving the gianoramous parcel I got filled with confetti and Christmas goodies from my parents via snailmail. It's so weird to be in an environment that still makes you refer to the time as "summer", even though it definetly is I catch myself all the time.
I love that I can walk around in shorts and a tank in the middle of December! Though the town is now packed with touristas celebrating the holidays on their X-mas vacation. Yesterday I got my photo and video taken of me pouring shave ice(not really anything cool enough to take a picture of unless you REALLY have no concept of snow)and I couldn't help but laugh because I could never imagine doing something like that, even if I was just on a short vacation here. Who takes pictures of snow being put in a cup....PEOPLE THAT LIVE WITHOUT IT! all makes sense now. So that almost makes it feel more x-massy. That and they paint the town pretty well with decor here.
Yesterday evening I was sitting on our lanai(porch) after I got done with work and 2 kids about 11 and 14 walked through the parking lot. They didn't see me but I watched them and noticed they were eyeing up cars. I'd also taken note that I'd never seen these kids before, they looked like locals, and i know they don't live here......could it be....THE BIKE TIRE THEIVES. So I watched them for a bit. The older one was sort of directing the young one to "grab something" off of someone's know, making the nieve youngster do his DIRTY DIRTY bidding(cunty little bitchass). The small one then replied..."I can't carry that it's heavy!" Then the older boy looked up and noticed me sitting on the lanai watching him. I had already turned inside and explained what I saw going on to Chris and Matt and they were ready to duck outside and bust these kids. I turned inside after the older kid looked at me and waived for them to go outside. They got out there as these kids dashed away and they followed them up the street. Chris then pretended to call someone(cops)to scare them away for the time being but I'm pretty sure I found the culprits to my lost bike tire.....little pukes. I can't believe some stupid local moronic children cost me $90. and better yet, they probably stole it to buy drugs for themselves or their irresponsible undeserving parents who obviously lack any parenting skills whatsoever if your children are out and about at midnight causing trouble and stealing and they're younger than 14. Seriously...that's effing sad, but they messed with the wrong person and now I'm on to them and I won't get up off until I have REDEMPTION!
So from now on I'm going to sit on our lanai every night after work until 12:30-1 and wait for these little bastards to come back....and I WILL be ready with camera in hand to capture their dirty little faces and get a little well deserved reprimanding thrown down in their little punkass faces by the police. MERRY CHRISTMAS SUCKERS! I CANNOT wait! MUAH HA HA HA. Gotta be pretty effing stupid to come back to the same place twice to steal, I'm pretty sure you'll be a big enough dumbass to do it a third time. Can you say JUVI? Normally I'm a pretty forgiving person but when you are a repeat offender and you keep making the same mistakes over and over and over and costing me my hard earned money... I am going to call you out and possibly sick the dog on you!

On a happier note. We are attending a grand x-mas gathering with all of my work buddies, and Dave at my boss' house. It should be a ding dang of a ho-down! Merry X-mas everyone, down with the HOODLUM SCUM!

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