Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holy SPRING Batman!

So yeah....wow! My time on Maui is REALLY flying by.
Though I can't wait to come back to the mainland and see some of my favorite people and friends I haven't seen in months(it's weird to be without you guys). The truth is though, I've been having so much fun here, I think that's why time seems to go by so much quicker. I only have just under 2 months left here.
Since I've been here, I've learned to surf, snorkel better than I knew I could, grocery shop with a more coupon clipper thrifty attitude, and lose my really bad midwestern accent...lol. I didn't really realize how many people have them until I moved away and then streamed an episode of the news from Green Bay. Needless to say, most news from the media is never good....but I was laughing up a shitstorm listening to the reporter deliver it. I still think pidgen talk here is hilarious too but it rolls of the shoulder without me busting out in laughter now...MOST of the time.

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