Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well it's official. We are here, alive and Oh-so-well in Kehei. We've got a nice little condo perched just 2 blocks from several beaches along the west coast of Maui. It was a little rainy the day we arrived and we had a bit of a thunder/lightning storm which apparently is very rare for this side of the island. It was the first time they had a measurable(very small measure) amount of precipitation in about 2 months. It was pretty neat to see a lightning filled storm in mid-november and have people "WOOOOOOing" on the street after every thunder clap. I guess we take that stuff for granted sometimes in Wisco because we get it pretty often.
Currently we're just finishing settling into our house and getting everything in order that we will need for the next few months. We all scored pretty sweet beach cruiser bikes within the last 2 days for transportation around town....I just can't stop admiring mine. Makes me a little sad I'll have to leave it behind because it's pretty effing to come.
Our place is surrounded by plumeria trees and blossoms fall daily for us to collect and put in bowls of water as sweet-smellin center pieces. Not to mention the beautiful hibiscus EVERYWHERE and our cute and delish little orange trees that are around the property.
I do miss the fine folks back home but I'm trying to keep in touch the best I can via facebook and snailmail. The first wind of postcards will be sent out tomorrow so if you don't recieve one, maybe it's because I don't know your address. So until you're ontop of getting that info to me, I can't really be ontop of writing you... The following are some pics of our first couple of days...our first sunset, my first Rambutan fruit(the weird little spikey things, they're so cute in real life I almost want to give them individual
Tomorrow we'll be enjoying the packer game at Dave's house in Lahaina. For those of you who don't know Mr. Dave Ellmann, he's our landlord in the summer time and the man who planted the seed in our minds to venture to Hawaii. Hopefully we'll be able to score some Papaya and Coconuts from his yard because they're WAY too expensive at the store. You wouldn't think so being that we live where it's grown but they're weird about pricing local produce and coffee here unless you're at a farmer's market. The grocery stores live to starve people or make them go for broke....weirdoes.
Anyhow...there will be more pictures in the near future. Going to try and update here weekly so forgive me if I fall a bit behind, I might just be having too much fun. Love to all, and a kiss to Wisco! ALOHA!

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